evita peron grave

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No matter how big and sophisticated are the vaults of the aristocratic families, but tourists always want to visit Evita’s vault, one of the most humble graves that you are able to find in the Recoleta Cemetery.

Once you enter to the Recoleta Cemetery you suddenly forget that you are in a cemetery because you start to notice countless artworks, impressive monuments, detailed sculptures and beautiful vitraux. If it was not for the coffins in sight you wouldn’t notice that you are in a cemetery.
Important politicians, military and writers from the Argentinian history are buried in the Recoleta Cemetery, and were the first remains to rest in this place. Afterwards families from the aristocratic Buenos Aires started to buy plots to build their own vault. They hired important architects to build their family mausoleum to show their opulence after death.
What is deep and full of interesting facts is the story of the corpse of Evita Peron. Join our tour to learn the unbelievable story!
Here we share some pictures of the vaults in the Recoleta Cemetery so you get motivated and you walk the entire cemetery discovering these breathtaking graves.


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