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Something that draws much attention in all graveyards and particularly in the Recoleta Cemetery, is the number of cats that can be found.

While walking through the various streets of the cemetery you will see lot of cats reposed on the tombs, walking through the sidewalks or eating the food that the gravekeeper leaves for them.

There are no accurate explanations for this fact and that’s why there are a lot of theories around. In a realistic point of view we can say that cats are great natural exterminators. Often in Cementeries you will find broken coffins and abandoned mausoleums. This environment is perfect for rats and insects, cats’ favourite meal.

cats-in-the-cemeteryAnother theory, more otherworldly, would say that cats are powerful animals that can connect with the spiritual world. It is said that cats clean harmful energies and turn them into positive vibrations. Cats are also considered great protectors, for example in the Ancient Egypt cats used to watch over the temples and were used to drive away the evil energy.

How can we blame cats for hanging out in cemeteries and hospitals if there are great places to nap, scratch trees and find varied food?

Join our Recoleta Cemetery Tour and discover the cats of the cemetery amongst other unbelievable stories.

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