Preguntas Frecuentes

Información Importante

Haremos todo en nuestras manos para estar en los Puntos de Encuentro todos los días a las 10.30am y 3pm. De todos modos, si algo inesperado nos ocurre, pedimos disculpas si no podemos estar allí.Lo informaremos vía Facebook esa misma mañana. Gracias por comprender. 

Aunque estemos caminando y no lo llevaremos a ningún sitio peligroso, no podemos responsabilizarnos por su seguridad en la calle. Todos debemos cuidarnos mientras caminamos por Buenos Aires. Sólo seamos precavidos y sigamos las indicaciones de los guías. 


No, there is no minimun. We will walk the Recoleta Cemetery with one, two or every friend that come to the meeting point!

Nothing in particular. Maybe some comfortable shoes, water and sunscreen, and of course, the wish to have a great time!

Yes. Every taxi has a meter. Be sure they turn it on at the start of your journey. Don’t pay more than what it indicates.

You can go to any of the official centers and get your SUBE card. If you want to know which is the closest place to get it, you can look at

SUBE is a card you charge with money and lets you pay your journeys by train, bus, or metro inside the city, instead of using your change. In the bus case, it lets you pay a much cheaper fee for every journey.

To get to the Recoleta Cemetery Tour: You can travel by metro line H, Las Heras station. If you want to get by bus, check here.

Yes! We will be expecting you every day from Monday to Friday, including holidays (except from Christmas -Dec 25- or New Years -Jan 01-). Also, we won’t let the rain stop us!

You don’t need to book the tour. Just come join us at our meeting point and we’ll be ready to walk Buenos Aires together!

We expect you from Monday to Friday at  3pm at the Gate of the Recoleta Cemetery.

The tour will take between 1:45hs and 2hs.


The City Government of Buenos Aires has decided to forbid tours and tourist visits to the Recoleta Cemetery from March 13th as a preventive measure against the spread of Coronavirus. Please be advise that for this we will cancel our tours in the Recoleta Cemetery until further notice.