Recoleta Cemetery Hours

The Recoleta Cemetery is opened every day from 8am to 8pm. Entrance with Free admission.

It is located in the heart of Recoleta in 1760 Junin street.

Recoleta Cemetery Hours

How to get to the Recoleta Cemetery

Close to the cemetery there are two important avenues, Las Heras and Libertador. That’s why you have plenty of line buses that are going to get you close to the cemetery, depending your accommodation.

The lines are: 17, 61, 62, 67, 92, 93, 10, 37, 38, 41, 59, 60, 95, 101, 102, 108, 118, 124, 130.

It is also posible to arrive by subway. You need to take Line H, the yellow one, get off in Las Heras, and walk 3 blocks. You can take other lines and chance trains. Learn about how to use public transport in Buenos Aires!

Most visited place in Argentina: Recoleta Cemetery

If you grab a tourist book in an airport or in a library and open the page in Argentina, you are going to find that the most visited attraction of the country is the Recoleta Cemetery. Not the amazing falls in Iguazu, not the enormous Perito Moreno Glacier, but the Recoleta Cemetery. Millions of tourists that arrive to Buenos Aires every year visit the cemetery that is located in one of the fanciest districts of the city.

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